Category: Science

Smashing Pumpkins in Reception

19th October 2023

In science, the Reception class made predictions as to what would happen when Miss Goswell dropped a pumpkin from up high.  A lot of the children thought it would be very messy.   Miss Goswell had to drop it two times to get it to break, but the pumpkin did in fact make a big mess….

Hawley Meadows Pond Dipping Adventure

7th July 2023

Year 2 had a wonderful trip to Hawley Meadows.  They enjoyed exploring the environment and getting into the water pond dipping.  They found many different insects and water creatures and loved looking at all of the different rocks.  Great fun was had by all.    

Liquid Nitrogen Workshop – Reception to Year 6

6th June 2023

Lyndhurst was fortunate enough to be visited by Air Products, who put on an amazing demonstration using liquid nitrogen. Questions such as, can you freeze a banana, does a frozen bouncy ball bounce, and what does frozen lettuce taste like were all answered in a hands-on demonstration. The science behind it was discussed too, as…

Year 3 and 4 St Michael’s Church Wildlife Hunt

17th May 2023

Years 3 and 4 were lucky enough to be invited to explore the wildlife of St Michael’s Church, in and around their grounds. They saw the fantastic trees that were planted, including a beautiful cedar over 100 years old! The children were then told a story about caterpillars changing into butterflies, with some fantastic dressing…

Little Lyndhurst – Minibeast

21st March 2023

Nursery and Pre-Reception in Little Lyndhurst have been enjoying learning all about Minibeasts in their topic.  The children have been exploring in the small world area with magnifying glasses, looking at each insect.  The children sat in a circle and had to choose an insect to describe, they did extremely well at telling every0ne what…

Year 1 Space Day

16th March 2023

Year 1 embarked on their very own Space Day! They came to school dressed as a wonderful set of astronauts, a storm trooper, Mars and aliens!  In the morning they went to London Road Park, and each had a go at launching rockets. They used the different angles of the launcher and tried to catch…

Little Lyndhurst – Life cycle of a plant

13th March 2023

In Little Lyndhurst, their focus has been on the life cycle of a plant and the children have enjoyed carrying out lots of activities on this topic.  They had to draw the amount of petals around the flower that matches the number in the middle.  Some children painted a flower using the paint dabbers, whilst…

Little Lyndhurst – Growing Up

9th March 2023

In Little Lyndhurst, both Nursery and Pre-Reception have been having lots of fun learning about growing up and understanding the different stages in our life cycle.  The children completed a human growth timeline, some of the children did brilliantly and were able to do this independently.  The children also loved looking at all the beautiful…

Year 3 Crime Solving

6th March 2023

Year 3 had a brilliant time in their STEM lesson!  They were looking at what scientists do and focused on creating investigations, having enquiry questions and a fair test.  The children had to solve a crime using their detective skills; they loved looking at fingerprints under the microscope and seeing how they were each unique.

Year 1 Blasting off into the Solar System

6th March 2023

Year 1 have launched a new project looking at all of the planets in the solar system. They have started their journey through space by exploring facts about Mercury and Venus and will then work their through the solar system landing on Earth and Mars next.  The children are busy working on a lovely project…