Kindergarten @ Bockett’s Farm

Posted: 15th June 2018

The Kindergarten had their first full day trip today to Bockett’s Farm Park. We went on a coach to get there. When we got off the coach we met Tom who took us to our room for the day. We had a safety talk about what we could and couldn’t do. The most important thing was to wash our hands after we touched the animals. Our first activity was a very noisy, quite windy and a bit of a wet tractor ride around the farm. It was lots of fun and we didn’t really want to get off! We saw a baby pony, it was only 3 weeks old! After this we went to feed some animals – the sheep were very hungry! We found out the names of a mummy, daddy and baby goat – billy, nanny and kid. We saw a huge mummy pig. She was so big we couldn’t believe our eyes! We washed our hands after feeding the animals and then went to stroke some of the smaller animals. We met two guinea pigs, a long-haired rabbit called Smudge, a Polish chicken and a goat called Marshmallow. The goat was milked and we found out that her milk was warm, not cold like we thought it was going to be.

Then it was time for lunch! We ate lots and lots. There was no time to rest though. Tom came back and took us to watch the pig racing and finally, after this, we had time to play on the wonderful playground. We had a lovely day!