Kindergarten Visit Imagination Role Play

Posted: 21st November 2018

The Kindergarten children had a wonderful time this morning when they visited Imagination Role-play in Camberley (I think our parent helpers did too!) We couldn’t tell which was the best part because each child that I asked a different favourite room or activity. We had plenty of pirates and sword fighting although I didn’t spot any treasure being found! There were  picnics, barbeques and fixing things with the tools and lots of animals were treated at the vets. The children played on the slide, in the house and with the baby dolls and even hung out the washing – do they do that at home? Most of the children seemed to really enjoy visiting the shop and doing their shopping. They filled their trolleys and baskets with a huge variety of things – even a shark! What a lovely, imaginative, playful morning we were lucky enough to have!