Year 5 & 6 Work with DNA @ Baylab

Posted: 10th December 2018

Year 5 and 6 journeyed to Baylab last week to take part in some hands-on Science! Last year they created bath bombs and lip balm so the children were expecting good things. They were not disappointed. When it was revealed that the children would be extracting their own DNA to make necklaces, there was an awful lot of excitement. 

The children were introduced to a range of scientific equipment and got the chance to practise and use all of it. They listened intently as DNA and its various applications were explained and they were enthusiastic in answering questions.

In the end, they all came away with a necklace that contained a small vial of their own Deoxyribonucleic acid. Please note, Lyndhurst School will not accept cloned children as a replacement to the real thing!  

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