Kindergarten at The Look Out!

Posted: 8th March 2019

The tower at the Look Out

The children had a wonderful time at the Look out today. There were so many things for them to investigate. They loved the water and the boats and being able to control the flow of the water. They spent time putting roof tiles on the house (when we managed to get them up there and the children didn’t keep sending them down to the ground!). They were very brave and climbed to the very top of the Look Out tower even though some of them were frightened of heights. They loved the light and colour room and had fun making the hot air balloon fly and keeping a ball floating in a stream of air which was something that I couldn’t do! The children waited patiently for their turn to eat lunch which went down a treat. This gave them plenty of energy for the serious business of investigating the outdoor play areas in the afternoon. I do believe there were even a few snores on the short journey back! It was a wonderful day and I would like to thank everybody who helped to make it a lovely day out for the children!