Happy Teeth, Happy Smiles!

Posted: 15th May 2019

Camberley Dental Practice

Dr. Charlotte Rademeyer, from Camberley Dental Practice visited Lyndhurst to talk to all year groups about dental hygiene.  We all need to remember ‘Happy Teeth, Happy Smiles’! The children also received Colgate toothbrush packs and stickers.

Year 4 & Year 3 impressed Dr. Rademeyer with their knowledge on how to care for their teeth during their talk on Friday morning.  Year 4 children learnt a lot with Mr Manser, in science about teeth structure which was recalled during the presentation.

All the children were horrified by the pictures of gum disease and decaying teeth which emphasised the importance of caring for their teeth.

Dr. Rademeyer talked the children through the 7 Steps of Intervention to ensure they kept their teeth healthy:

1.     Brush

2.     Floss

3.     Fluoride – toothpaste

4.     Diet

5.     Visit the Dentist

6.     Sealant

7.     Mouth Guards

The last piece of advice they were given was to remember when brushing their teeth to ‘Spit not Rinse’!

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