Our Reception Class had a wonderful time at Nower Wood recently.  We began our day with some minibeast hunting in the woods, looking under logs and leaves to find spiders, slugs, millipedes, centipedes and many woodlice.  We noticed how many legs the minibeasts had in order to sort them into groups.  We were allowed to gently ‘tickle’ the minibeasts into a small pot to keep for later, when Ben, our workshop leader showed the creatures under the digital microscope.  In the afternoon we pond-dipped.  Each time we brought up the net we were sure there was nothing in there, but when we washed everything through into our tray we found lots of life including dragonfly nymphs, fly larvae and water boatmen.  The children were inspired by our day in the woods and came back to school keen to find more minibeasts in our environment.