Category: Reception

Yr2 Reading with Reception

8th December 2023

Reception came to visit the Year 2 classroom this morning and they had so much fun listening to the older children read and discuss the books with them. Year 2 cannot wait to go and visit Reception in their new classroom next week to do the same again!

Pre-Reception & Receptions Trip to the Library

5th December 2023

Pre-Reception and Reception enjoyed a trip to Camberley library. We walked into town and were on the lookout for Christmas decorations, they especially liked the giant Christmas bauble! At the library the children had a look at some books independently and then Miss Goswell read us the story of the Ugly Duckling. They had a…

Reception trip to Octogon Sweets

20th October 2023

Reception have been learning all about money.  They put their knowledge of money into place when they took a trip to Octagon Sweets in Camberley.  The children had great fun choosing from the array of pick and mix sweets in the shop and then they used their knowledge of money to pay for their sweets. …

Smashing Pumpkins in Reception

19th October 2023

In science, the Reception class made predictions as to what would happen when Miss Goswell dropped a pumpkin from up high.  A lot of the children thought it would be very messy.   Miss Goswell had to drop it two times to get it to break, but the pumpkin did in fact make a big mess….

Reception’s Duck Hunt

19th October 2023

Reception class have been reading ‘Pumpkin Soup’ by Helen Cooper, but you will never guess what happened.  The character Duck actually went missing! Miss Morgan told us she saw some signs at the park. We went on a duck hunt and found, feathers, peck marks and even footprints, while also having lots of fun. When…

Making Pumpkin Soup

19th October 2023

Reception have been enjoying reading the book ‘Pumpkin Soup’ by Helen Cooper.  They have loved hearing about the animals having their own jobs to do when they cook, and they especially enjoyed the mayhem that occurred when duck wanted a turn at stirring the pumpkin soup.  The children in Reception class have got to enjoy…

Lyndhurst School Recycling Monster

17th October 2023

At Lyndhurst School, we are always actively encouraging children to recycle items where they can’t be reused.  To help with this encouragement, we have a new arrival at the school…the Lyndhurst School Recycling Monster.  All the children can enjoy feeding it their recycling items and we look forward to watching their imagination go wild thinking…

Lyndhurst’s green fingers supporting the Co-op

10th October 2023

Earlier this year, our pupils kindly donated some seedling that they grew over the half term holidays, as part of the the Co-op’s Spring Challenge to support Yateley Industries Community Pantry Garden Project.   We are delighted to share an update on how the seedlings have blossomed into fabulous plants.  The community there have harvested some of the…

A Royal Afternoon Tea for Reception Class

9th October 2023

Reception finished off their Royal topic with a tea party fit for a King or a Queen. To prepare, they sent out invites to the adults who help them around the school. Then they made colourful decorations such as crowns as flags. They even made some yummy Jam sandwiches. After all the preparation, they spent…

Dog’s Trust Workshops

5th October 2023

We were very fortunate to enjoy workshops run by the Dogs Trust this week.  We would like to thank Jo who came into school to talk about the work that the Dogs Trust do and what it takes to care for a dog.  The children also learnt the 5 ‘happy dog rules’ – ask your…