We couldn’t have asked for better weather for our trip today. Sweatshirts off, sun hats on and off we went to the farm. Fran, our guide for the day met us in the coach park. We left our lunch in a safe place so that the birds couldn’t eat it and we had a safety talk. Our first activity was the animal handling session. We stroked a rabbit, a chicken and two guinea pigs – they were all very soft. Next Betty the goat was milked and we felt the jug to see what the temperature of the milk was. We discovered it was warm, not cold like the milk that comes out of the fridge. The next stop was a brief one – meeting the racing pigs although they were all sleeping so it was hard to tell who was going to win in the race. The tractor ride was so exciting! Many of the children had smiles on their faces as we sat on the trailer and got pulled around a section of the farm by a tractor. It was very bumpy! The really important part was next – lunchtime. The birds did come to try to steal our food so we fed them a little bit. Then it was off to support our two pigs in the pig racing. Voldersnort was the blue pig and Lewis Hamilton was the red pig (our school colours). We cheered really loudly and the blue pig won – hurray! Lastly we of course had to have a play in the play area before we headed back to Little Lyndhurst. Thank you to Bockett’s farm for a lovely day and for the parents and grandparents who came with us to help!