Kindergarten @ Imagination Role Play

Posted: 8th November 2019

Once again Imagination Role Play in Camberley have provided a wonderful place for us to visit. Whilst some of our children have been there before, the walk to and from Imagination also gives us the opportunity to talk about road safety and how and where we should cross the road safely.

Once we had arrived at Imagination the children were very quick to remove their coats and shoes and get busy with investigating everything that it had to offer. They were busy buying trolley loads of fruit, bread, sausages and cakes. I think most of us got a lollipop and an ice cream from whoever was selling the ice creams at the time. The cats, dogs and rabbits were very well looked after in the vets and we definitely have some budding soldiers who were very keen to drive the jeep. Snack time was one of the quickest, the children were all so keen to get back to playing! They made things with the tools and cooked a barbecue but the pirates on the pirate ship were a little bit scary.

We had a wonderful time! A huge thank you to Imagination Role play for a lovely morning, to all of the adults who helped us to walk there and back and to the children for walking and playing so well!