It’s Pudsey Time in Little Lyndhurst

Posted: 20th November 2019

The Pre-Reception children and adults have had a mufti day  for Children in Need. They were allowed to wear their own clothes but they had to wear something yellow or spotty so that they looked a little like Pudsey. This morning they decorated some Pudsey cupcakes which were delicious so they didn’t last long! They wore their Pudsey hats and played a simple ‘Pudsey says’ game which is just like ‘Simon says’ but with Pudsey instead! He told them to do things like tickle their tummies, wave at their friends and make their biggest smile. The children were very good – they didn’t do anything that Pudsey didn’t ask them to do. They got their little teddies and toys and had a Pudsey picnic with them and after this they listened to a Pudsey story on the CBBC Storytime app. What a lovely way to spend a Friday! Hopefully the children are all more aware of Children in Need now!