All the World’s a Stage…..

Posted: 27th February 2020

Shakespeare Workshop

As part of our Shakespeare Week,  Lyndhurst School children took part in a very exciting Shakespeare Workshop lead by Francesca from West End In Schools Company.

Reception to Year 6 worked class-by-class, each focusing on a different section of the famous Shakespearean play, A Midsummer Night’s Dream which had been adapted for their age. Each class attended one session during the day and in the afternoon, all classes came together in a final shared session, with the presentation taking the audience through the play from beginning to end. Every child was involved in presenting their work within a soundscape that set the scenes, interspersed with narration to help tell the story. The great finale was a huge success, thoroughly enjoyed by all the staff. The children really worked hard to deliver their lines with expression and passion and began to understand the importance of body gestures and movements. We are looking forward to learning more about Shakespeare and his plays  and everyone will come dressed up as a different Shakespearean character.

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