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18th September 2023

In English for Year 4, they have been enjoying reading Tudor Tales as part of their topic on Tudors.  They did a lot of practice with VIPERS (Vocabulary, Inference, Prediction, Explanation, Retrieval, Summarising) for Reading Comprehension and they learnt how to use personifications in creative writing.


30th June 2023

Lyndhurst likes to celebrate all of our children’s strengths and as such a group of children participated in the school’s yearly Spellathon. A representative from each class, from years 1 to 6 spelt words from the statutory list in record times. All the children were exceptionally accurate and Mr. Manser and Mrs. Beamish had to…

Around the World Day

16th June 2023

Lyndhurst came together and took a flight to go globetrotting on our ‘Oh, the places you’ll go…’ Around the World Day.   The children dressed up representing countries from all the continents there was even a penguin from the Falklands Island!  Passports were issued and we escaped through our imagination and with a litter help from…

Little Lyndhurst – letter formation

15th June 2023

Nursery and some of Pre-Reception in Little Lyndhurst have been enjoying learning letter formation.  They each had a turn to write with a brush, some letters in the fairy dust. With some students choosing to have a go at the first letter of their name and others chose random letters.    

Poetry workshops

13th June 2023

On Tuesday 6th June, the children took part in a wonderful workshop run by Jo from As Creatives. She introduced the pupils to a technique of writing poems following the Poe-tree structure. Each of them had to think of a tree they are familiar with and write a poem about it. They needed to think…

Poetry Recitals

13th June 2023

On Thursday 8th June, all the pupils gathered in Deacon Hall to watch the class finalists of the Poetry Recital. A big thank you to our judging panel, they had a very difficult job because each performance was phenomenal!    The finalists were: A Year 3 with her own poem “On my way to School”…

Little Lyndhurst – Bodhi the Pirate Dog

16th May 2023

Both Nursery and Pre-Reception in Little Lyndhurst were treated to a visit from an author called Alison Simpson.  She read the book she has written called ‘Bodhi the Pirate Dog’.  The book is all about her dog named Bodhi and she discussed with the children what her dog was like.  It was a lovely story…

Little Lyndhurst – The Very Hungry Caterpillar

28th March 2023

Nursery and Pre-Reception have been enjoying the topic of The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  They worked together as a class to sequence the story using the pictures.  They had a lot of fun trying to find the correct picture and retell the story.  Some of Pre-Reception children enjoyed printing with tubes to make their own caterpillars. …

Shakespeare Day

27th March 2023

On Thursday 23rd March, Lyndhurst School was sucked into a time portal and ended up in Tudor England. Thanks to the great company As Creatives, everyone took part in Shakespeare themed workshops run by Jackson Kavanagh (who has over 30 years of experience directing Shakespeare’s plays!) and each year group prepared to act out scenes…

Little Lyndhurst – Nursery

21st March 2023

Nursery in Little Lyndhurst have been enjoying looking at books independently and with their friends, telling the story and predicting what’s going to happen.  They have been using the magnetic letters and the large whiteboard to showcase their their phonics sounds they have been learning.