Around the World Day

Posted: 16th June 2023

Lyndhurst came together and took a flight to go globetrotting on our ‘Oh, the places you’ll go…’ Around the World Day.   The children dressed up representing countries from all the continents there was even a penguin from the Falklands Island!  Passports were issued and we escaped through our imagination and with a litter help from the teachers to different continents in the world.  

The children discovered more about the different parts of the world through a range of activities. The children were immersed in the culture from Chile, America, Cyprus, Poland, Italy, Russia, Mexico, Japan, Wales and South Africa.  A range of foods were enjoyed including bigos from Poland, lots of olives from Cyprus and Biltong from South Africa.  The school were able to see the rugby shirt from an old pupil who played for Wales.  In the Dance workshops a range of moves were learnt including putting their own moves to Columbian music.  

This was a super day and everyone learnt so much about the diverse and interesting world we live in.