Category: Geography

Year 1 trip to Arundel Castle

20th June 2023

Year 1 had a fantastic time at Arundel Castle.  As soon as they arrived, they were greeting by the lovely Jane who walked us up the hill to the main castle building.   They made their way to the education room where they got look at old crossbows and swords and also tried on lots of different…

Year 6 trip to London

16th June 2023

Year 6 were very excited to have a trip to London.  They were treated to a tour of Westminster Abbey which was amazing.  Their tour guide Lou, really bought the history of the building alive. The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier was a moving moment and it was interesting to see whose memorial or tomb…

Around the World Day

16th June 2023

Lyndhurst came together and took a flight to go globetrotting on our ‘Oh, the places you’ll go…’ Around the World Day.   The children dressed up representing countries from all the continents there was even a penguin from the Falklands Island!  Passports were issued and we escaped through our imagination and with a litter help from…

Year 1 Blasting off into the Solar System

6th March 2023

Year 1 have launched a new project looking at all of the planets in the solar system. They have started their journey through space by exploring facts about Mercury and Venus and will then work their through the solar system landing on Earth and Mars next.  The children are busy working on a lovely project…

Dinosaur adventures at Surrey Heath Museum for Reception

1st March 2023

Reception had a very warm welcome from Surrey Heath Museum when they went to learn all about dinosaur fossils.  A big thank you to Samantha from Surrey Heath Museum who showed the children how fossils are made and then all the children went on a picture fossil hunt around the museum. They then did their…

Year 4’s Desert Survival

13th January 2023

In geography, the Year 4 children are learning all about deserts around the world.   They have been exploring how to explore in the desert and are all hoping to become the next Bear Grylls!  They have been enjoying the Horrible Geography book ‘Desperate Deserts’.

Reduce, Recycle, Reduce

21st June 2019

Green Up Your Act visited us this week to deliver a Green Shoots workshop – focusing on how we can reduce emissions from the transport of our food. We talked briefly about how our food is transported and where it comes from, and compared British products to ones found globally. Should we always buy British?…

Year 5 – Rainforest Explorers

4th March 2019

Year 5 became jungle explorers for the day; not in the Amazon Jungle but in deepest darkest Berkshire! Yes, that’s right, they sweated and toiled and suffered unspeakable hardships in the Living Rainforest to seek out new species, such as the 5-banded armadillo, Goeldi’s monkeys and the green iguana (which is actually pink!). Along the…

Around the World with Lyndhurst School

7th June 2018

This week the children enjoyed a whole school Geography Day. In the morning, each year group performed on stage as their prepared some facts about foreign countries or taught others basic phrases in another language. After that, the children “travelled” to different countries to learn interesting things about them and taste some national food. Some…