Year 1 trip to Arundel Castle

Posted: 20th June 2023

Year 1 had a fantastic time at Arundel Castle.  As soon as they arrived, they were greeting by the lovely Jane who walked us up the hill to the main castle building.   They made their way to the education room where they got look at old crossbows and swords and also tried on lots of different costumes such as knights, ladies, jesters and priests.

After that, they made their way to the weapons room and had a look at all sorts of medieval weaponry and suits of armour. They learnt all about the legend of the giant from the castle! The Baron Hall was beautiful with lots of old artwork, tapestries and artefacts.

Next, they walked up to the keep and there were lots of very steep stairways that they had to climb up on their hands and knees! They looked down the Sally Port which is what children would’ve been lowered down if the castle was under siege. There was lots to see out of the battlements and the views were amazing!

After lunch, they looked at an old portcullis and found a small guard room where there was a trap door and a small room underneath… it’s called an oubliette, which is the French word for ‘forget’.

They then ventured into the gardens and went on a dragon hunt! There were so many beautiful plants and vegetables growing in the greenhouse as well as stunning water features! In the rose garden, we found a sun dial and attempted to tell the time of the day.

Finally, after a lot of walking, they made it back to the coach for a very tired journey home.

A massive thank you to Mr McGraw and Mrs Giltrap for joining us on this school trip; and to Jane, our tour guide who was excellent at telling us all about the different features within the castle.