Year 5 – Rainforest Explorers

Posted: 4th March 2019

Look at that!

Year 5 became jungle explorers for the day; not in the Amazon Jungle but in deepest darkest Berkshire! Yes, that’s right, they sweated and toiled and suffered unspeakable hardships in the Living Rainforest to seek out new species, such as the 5-banded armadillo, Goeldi’s monkeys and the green iguana (which is actually pink!).

Along the way, they also found fantastic and mystical plants such as the coffee plant, which the locals brew into a strangely addictive drink, a herb as big as a tree called ‘banana’ which produces wonderful yellow fruits and the amazing cocoa plant which is worth its weight in gold!

Struggling onwards in the heat of the jungle our intrepid explorers avoiding being digested by the pitcher plant, poisoned by the dumb cane and constricted by the Emerald tree boa and eventually found their way to the lair of the two-toed sloth; a strange and mythical beast which is rarely seen, but for our team nothing is too difficult and they encountered this amazing beast as it came down from the tree tops to eat banana and mango!

Finally, tired but exultant the weary explorers trekked home again along the M4 to share their discoveries with a wide-eyed audience.