Category: Art

Little Lyndhurst – Getting creative

10th October 2023

Little Lyndhurst have been getting creative with a whole range of different mediums.  They have enjoyed doing some doodling helping to support their fine motor skills and expressing themselves with some lovely paintings .  They also enjoyed making abstract pictures sticking shapes and feathers to a piece of paper.

Year 2 Art – Primary Colours

5th October 2023

Year 2 have been enjoying exploring primary colours and have been inspired by the work of artist Piet Mondrian.  They took inspiration from one of his iconic abstract paintings made from squares and rectangles to create these bold and vibrant designs. Mrs Dodds, our Art Teacher was very impressed with the results.  

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

5th October 2023

It is never too early for Christmas preparations!   Lyndhurst have been getting in the festive spirit by creating their Christmas cards ready for the printers.  They have used a variety of techniques across the school to create a very diverse range of cards, from snowy painted landscapes to colourful stain glass window cards.  The judging…

Reception Hedgehogs

3rd October 2023

Reception have been appreciating the changing of the seasons by making hedgehogs using fallen leaves collected from the trees in the school grounds.  They enjoyed looking at all of the beautiful colours and textures of the leaves, and had fun giving their hedgehogs character when they added their faces.  Mrs Dodds, our Art Teacher was…

Around the World Day

16th June 2023

Lyndhurst came together and took a flight to go globetrotting on our ‘Oh, the places you’ll go…’ Around the World Day.   The children dressed up representing countries from all the continents there was even a penguin from the Falklands Island!  Passports were issued and we escaped through our imagination and with a litter help from…

Reception Flower Art

23rd May 2023

Reception have been learning all about plants and minibeasts in their topic this term.  In their art lesson, they embraced their topic and produced these beautiful piece of flower art.  Mrs Dodds, our art teacher was very impressed with how carefully they did their brushstrokes.  Well done Reception!

Year 2 Art – African sunsets

23rd May 2023

Year 2 have been studying African art this term. They produced some beautiful African sunset pictures. They looked hard at photographs of African sunsets and then reproduced them using paint, before adding silhouettes.

Year 4 Art – Egyptian Death Masks

23rd May 2023

Year 4 have been enjoying learning all about Ancient Egyptians as part of their topic.  In their art lessons, the Year 4 children have finished off these striking Egyptian death masks.  It’s wonderful to see these pieces take shape and how each child creates something unique.

Year 3 Art – Viking Ships

23rd May 2023

Year 3 have been enjoying learning all about the Vikings as part of their topic this term.  In their art lessons they have produced these colourful, striking Viking long boats using mixed media techniques.  Well done Year 3!  

Art galore…easter egg packaging, Greek pots and Coats of Arms

23rd May 2023

The art cupboard has been adorned with some more amazing artwork produced by our Year 5 and Year 1 students.  Year 5 got to design and create their own Easter egg packaging.  They thought about the current designs of packaging available on the shelves and used this as inspiration for their designs.  Mrs Dodds, our…