Shakespeare Day

Posted: 27th March 2023

On Thursday 23rd March, Lyndhurst School was sucked into a time portal and ended up in Tudor England. Thanks to the great company As Creatives, everyone took part in Shakespeare themed workshops run by Jackson Kavanagh (who has over 30 years of experience directing Shakespeare’s plays!) and each year group prepared to act out scenes from The Tempest, eventually putting it all together at the end of the day and giving us a great performance of the whole play!

All the year groups moved around the school to take part in various activities.

During the week, Years 4, 5 and 6 wrote scripts for the plays Henry V, Macbeth and Hamlet and on Thursday, they could use their work to perform the plays in front of teachers.

Year 1 children learnt how different characters in Lion King were very much like characters from Hamlet and they retold Hamlet’s story.

Instead of learning the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, Reception watched Gnomeo and Juliet which is an animated comedy. However, the children were taught some references to Shakespeare fount in the film.

Year 2 focused on Twelfth Night creating wanted posters for the characters and their own modern comic strips of the play.

Year 3 read Midsummer night’s dream and there were many beautiful fairies flying around in the playground.

Additionally, the children did some Tudor Crafts (writing on a parchment with a feather dipped in ink, creating their on quills, masquerade ball masks), Tudor Games (tennis, capturing the flag, football, balls), Tudor Music (recognising Tudor musical instruments and listening to Tudor music) and Tudor Maths (lots of activities with Roman numerals).

All the children absolutely loved the day – what a tribute to William Shakespeare!