Reception visit Camberley Fire Station

Posted: 12th March 2020

Reception Class at Camberley Fire Station

Reception counted themselves lucky that there were no fires in Camberley on Tuesday morning.  This meant that the fire fighters of Red Watch were free to show them all around the Fire Station.  The children were very well behaved as they learnt about fire safety, how quickly the fire fighters have to get changed and be in the truck, that sometimes the fire fighters go to bed in the fire station and that as well as being good at putting out fires, a fire fighter has to be able to cook for the rest of the Watch!

There were two highlights of our trip, firstly looking all over the new fire engine, full of hoses, a massive first aid kit and enormous cutters.  Then just before we went home, everyone had a chance to hold the hose and spray some water.

Thanks very much to Lee, Chris and all of Red Watch.  We all had a fabulous time!

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