Author Visit – Tracey Hall

Posted: 26th November 2020


Lyndhurst School were extremely fortunate to have a local author Tracey Hall visit them.  She shared with the children her passion about wildlife and protecting animals.  She told the children that she is a self-confessed nature lover, so she writes stories on a topic close to her heart.  She spoke about how she tries her hardest to protect the planet around her from pollution and cruelty and whenever possible encourages others to do the same.  Her hope is that her stories will reach the imagination of children and educate them to understand the harshness these animals face from humans, but with a positive ending to the story encourage them to grow to be protectors of the planet and all its creature for generations to come.

The children were enthralled by her talk and Tracey kindly donated a copy of her book to the school library.  The copy of this book was quickly signed out by a Year 5 child after listening to her read an excerpt from her book ‘The Nature Saviours: Ghost of the Mountain’.  The book is a combination of fiction and non-fiction concentrating on the plight of some of the world’s endangered species particularly focusing on the beautiful and elusive snow leopard.

If you would like to find out more about Tracey and her work please head to

‘The Nature Saviours: Ghost of the Mountain’ is available to purchase online and from all good book shops.


The Nature Saviours Ghost of the Mountain
The Nature Saviours Ghost of the Mountain



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