Poetry Recital

Posted: 22nd October 2021

What an exciting week we’ve had at Lyndhurst School with our class poetry recitals and then the finalist recitals.  It was wonderful to have so many parents in school to support their children during this event.  The form teachers had a difficult job select the children to represent their form in the finals.

On Thursday during the final poetry recital not only did we watch all the class winners performing their poems but we also had a special treat of “Baa Baa Black Sheep” by our youngest children in Pre-Reception and the poem “I’d like to be a teabag” by Year Six.

It was a tough decision for our judges (Mrs Atkin, Mr Rudkin and Mrs Draper) but they have decided to award three winners:
Pre-Prep winner: Marcie from Year 2 with her own poem “The bird in the nest”
Prep Winner: Isabelle from Year 4 with the poem “Strange new friend”
The Whole School Winner: the author and performer of her own poem “My Big Mouth” – Alice from Year 6.

The fourth year in a row, Mrs Follows – Head of English, was so impressed by the effort the children (and their parents and grandparents) have put into the Lyndhurst Annual Poetry Recital.  She thinks that the performances can’t get any better and she is always pleasantly proved wrong!   Mrs Follows is already looking forward to October 2022, next year, to celebrate poetry again and give our pupils the time to shine!