ISA Drama Festival

Posted: 1st April 2022

Lyndhurst School was privileged to perform at the ISA drama festival which was held at Luckley House School on 29th March. 30 children from years four and six performed an abridged version of the musical ‘Olivia’. The adjudicator commented, “Lyndhurst School’s performance showed good ensemble work. The children were well rehearsed, and all knew what they were doing. The performance was clear, loud and enjoyable to watch. There were good songs, and the ensemble movements gave the performance a theatrical force. The comedy in the script was brought to life and there was lovely singing. Mrs Murdstone was a good strong character which was maintained throughout the scene. Eliza Dolittle had a great accent that was spot on. She had a gorgeous voice; she held the stage and sang her heart out. The staging of the piece was very impressive. Especially in the London scene.”  Such lovely comments, we are all very proud of all the ‘actors’ who took part.