Greenfield Children’s Festival

Posted: 10th June 2022

At the end of an amazing day at Greenfield School, we wanted to share with you the hard work and effort that the Lyndhurst children have put into making their presentation and debating child inequality across the world.

Please take a look at their presentation below – They presented this to six other schools along with various members of Greenfield staff. Having worked so hard in their lunch and break times to research, write and practise it all I can say is that they did amazingly well.

They then received a talk from Jonathan Lord, MP for Woking in which he discussed a career in politics and what sort of responsibilities it entails.

Afterwards, the children took part in a debate about inequality within the world, with a focus on children’s rights. Such a wonderful day and an invaluable experience. Well done to all and thank you Greenfield School for hosting this event.

Child Inequality in Indonesia – Lyndhurst Presentation