Year 5 Music Plus lessons

Posted: 23rd May 2023

The year 5’s were lucky this year to begin the all new ‘Music Plus’ lessons with Mrs Peacock.  This is a bonus music lesson, on top of their regular timetable and weekly class music.

So far the lessons have consisted of looking at famous Composers, paying particular attention to Amedeus Motzart and Ludwig Van Beethoven.  During the Winter and Spring terms, the children discovered how these composers, like so many, began their musical journeys as very young children, and either composed or performed from the shocking age of 5!

Whilst the touring of many countries and working or being taught under other monumental composers and teachers does sound amazing.  The terrible hardships, long working hours, poor conditions, and ill heath, means it was not quite the glamourous life we had first assumed!

Moving into the Summer term, as a class we briefly looked at 3 composers and then voted to further learn about Tchaikovsky.  This week we have already discovered about the Nutcracker ballet and the famous Swan Lake, and looking forward to learning more over the coming weeks.


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