Category: Music

Year 3 Tambourines & Triangles

14th December 2023

Today the children split into teams of Tambourine, and Triangle. and enjoyed playing to the sugar plum fairy and jingle bells in class. Practicing their best musical understanding, the children were able to follow and perform alongside the track, with the correct instrument.  

Boogie Pumps Theatre Camp – Jan 2nd – 5th

24th November 2023

Please remember to book your space! We start the day with our welcome talk & ice breaker games – this is a great way for the children to ease into the day and get to know each other. Once we have made some new friends we move onto livening up our bodies with dance, after…

Year 6 Rappers

5th October 2023

Year 6 are beavering away with their eagerly awaited Raps this term in Music.  They have been deciding on the choice of topic and selecting the perfect backing track. They have carefully thought about the word structure, rhyme and even collaborations.  The students have been responsible for every element in the writing, production and soon…

Year 5 Music Over The Decades

3rd October 2023

In Year 5 Class music, the children have been digging deeper into the different genres of music and how they have changed across the decades.  The children loved following them over the years to see as they ‘popped’ in and out of favour! Some of the genres landing for a decade in force, such as…

The Lyndhurst Orchestra

13th September 2023

With the start of the new term, we are delighted to hear music playing around the school again.  Year 5 and Year 6 have been eagerly awaiting news as to who will be in the Lyndhurst Orchestra and their wait is now over.  Mrs Peacock, our Music Teacher is delighted that so many children are…

Summer Concert

5th July 2023

We were absolutely thrilled to host all the parents and children in Years 3 to 6 together for the Summer Concert.   Despite the weather being a bit wet, the music from the hall was enough to blow all the rain clouds away.  The children performed spectacularly well and showed confidence, progress and joy.  It was…

Piano assembly

27th June 2023

Congratulations to the students who took part in the recent piano music assembly.  There were music choices ranging from the classic nursery rhymes “Old MacDonald had a farm” and “Mary had a little lamb” to classic songs like “Kumbaya” and “This Old Man”.  The students played the piano confidently, the whole school enjoyed watching them…

Mr Hughes Guitar Assembly

26th June 2023

Well done to all of Mr Hughes’ guitar students who did some amazing performances at the recent music assembly.  There were music choices ranging from “I want to break free” by Queen to “Pirates of the Caribbean” by Hans Zimmer.  They played their guitars confidently, the whole school enjoyed watching them and Mr Hughes their…

Year 5 Music Plus lessons

23rd May 2023

The year 5’s were lucky this year to begin the all new ‘Music Plus’ lessons with Mrs Peacock.  This is a bonus music lesson, on top of their regular timetable and weekly class music. So far the lessons have consisted of looking at famous Composers, paying particular attention to Amedeus Motzart and Ludwig Van Beethoven.  During…

Year 3 Mini Percussion Orchestra

23rd May 2023

Year 3 have enjoyed using their new found understanding of the Orchestra and its families, by forming their own mini–Percussion Orchestra’s!  Sure to be sitting in sections but with a good eye line to our very own ‘conductor’, the children set about playing as instructed by them.  This included a range of Dynamics, and impressive expression…