Year 2 Marwell Zoo trip

Posted: 16th June 2023

Year 2 were very excited for their penultimate trip this year to Marwell Zoo. They have been eagerly planning which animals they wanted to visit for the week leading up to the trip.

When they arrived at Marwell Zoo, they were immersed into the savannah, seeing zebras, giraffes, and antelope. They had an amazing workshop from one of the staff members all about a giraffe’s adaptations and they even got to see a real giraffe’s skull! The children were amazed at just how big it was. After visiting all the animals in the savannah, we headed into the jungle where we looked for the sleepy tiger and walked through the trees with the birds overhead and into the tropical house.

The second workshop the children attended was in the Science and Learning Centre. In this workshop the children were given free rein to look, touch, explore all of the different animal bones and skins, as well as look at the snakes, snake skins and bug enclosures. We managed to look at all the animals and bar the penguins that were not out, there were only 3 animals that managed to hide from our eagle eyes. To end the very hot and exciting day, we took to the shade to eat our orange fruit lollies before heading home. Year 2 were on their best behaviour and had many comments from the public about how impressed they were. Well done Year 2!