Horseshoe Lake Activity Day

Posted: 30th June 2023

Year 4 were very excited about their school trip to the Horseshoe Lake in Sandhurst.  The children started off with a team building activity when they had to build their own raft and then swim it across the lake to find Edmund the Bull who was hiding in the bushes. The group of girls with one of the boys were successful, unlike the group of the rest of the boys. However, no one fell off so that’s a positive! When they came back to the shore, they had to dismantle their rafts so hard work was not done!

Alice was very surprised when Mrs Follows announced it was 11am and time for a snack – the time flies when you have fun!

Kayaking was next! The children had a lesson on how to use the paddle to move their kayak in different directions and everyone got the hang of it pretty quickly. Then they all played Stuck in the Mud, chasing each other across the lake which made them very hungry.

They spent the whole lunch break plotting to push Mrs Follows off the paddle board but eventually realised they couldn’t because she wouldn’t buy them any pizza for the sleepover. Lots of them ended up in the water and they loved it. The instructor kept coming up with challenges for them to do and they mostly enjoyed climbing onto the same paddle board and trying to fit all of them on it. They managed 8 children on one board! Not bad!

After the second snack break, they boarded two gigantic paddle boards and carried on with chases, jumps, swimming and splashing. They will all have a good night sleep today!




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