Pre-Reception is a happy, warm and welcoming place. We aim to provide a sensitive learning environment that meets the needs of every child. Our plentiful outside space offers many opportunities for outside learning, exploration and play to take place. Our activities are fun, engaging, promoting confidence and independence.

We celebrate every child’s strengths, encouraging them to follow their interests, to explore, investigate, question and learn. We have a positive “I can” approach to every activity. Children enjoy a varied timetable with access to all main school facilities. They receive specialist teaching in Sport, Dance, Music and French. Regular external visitors are always welcome to the school to help to open up the world for the children and we have exciting trips out during the year to a wide range of local places of interest. Reception children also benefit from weekly swimming lessons.

We pride ourselves in helping the children to develop as ‘whole’ people ready to move on from the Early Years with an extremely firm foundation.