Year 6 to The Houses of Parliament

Posted: 21st May 2018

Year 6 had a fantastic trip to the Houses of Parliament in London! They set off from Camberley Station full of excitement as they wondered what the day would hold. Stories and riddles were told on the train as well as jokes and ‘I spy…’ attempts. London Waterloo was busy, and we made our way through the crowds towards Jubilee Gardens. We sat and had our lunch and managed to have a quick play on the playground. Next, was our journey across Westminster Bridge, which was great because we got to see all of the sites along the banks of the River Thames.  As we walked past the Houses of Parliament themselves, we were struck by just how large they were! Not only that, every piece of the building was beautifully decorated. We made our way through the high security entrances and then we toured around the Houses. First we navigated our way to the House of Commons and watched some MPs discuss newspapers – we even saw Ed Miliband! Then we made our way to the House of Lords – it was a very pretty room and it was jam packed with Lords discussing Syria! We then had our workshop where Jake was voted to be our Prime Minister! He gets the keys to Downing Street next week. Sadly, that ended our day and all that was left was the journey home after a superb day in London. 


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