Year 6 – Day 2 @ Elan Valley, Wales

Posted: 23rd May 2018

Tuesday has been a great success here in Elan Valley. We spent the morning swinging from trees, with the zip wire hugely popular, the tower-building/crate stacking challenge leading to some excellent teamwork and the infamous high-rope “leap of faith” challenge attempted by all without hesitation. Most of us did better on our second attempts! In the afternoon we were on the reservoir, and both kayakers and canoers cut across the water as well-oiled teams. Having hauled the boats back up into the boathouse, the children deserved a break and a swim, which many enjoyed while others skimmed stones (well away from them!) and threw sticks for Holly, our tireless monomaniac canine companion. A quick change of clothes and a short bus ride later and we are in the Lodge and awaiting our dinner. Have a wonderful evening everyone, and our greetings from Elan Valley!

The children’s Word of the Day is “spectacular”.

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