Year 6 – Day 4 @ Elan Valley, Wales

Posted: 25th May 2018

What a fantastic last day! The skies had clouded over, but that did nothing to dampen our enthusiasm. After several of the children joined Mr Richardson on his early morning run, we had a hearty breakfast and headed out to the dams of the valley. Each of the dams has a story and history, and they tell the tale of how industry evolved, changed the landscape, and ultimately can allow many big cities to exist at all. Having challenged our fear of heights yet again (on the downstream sides of the dams anyway), we headed back to the Lodge for lunch and out again to the final – and I would not hesitate to use the word ‘ultimate’ – activity: raft building.

Two teams of enthusiastic engineers set to their tasks with gusto and teamwork, and created two reliable vessels which not only made it round the distant buoy and return home safely (one team winning by seconds!) but set the stage for some excellent play and fun afterwards. We returned to shore thoroughly soaked and in good spirits. This evening, packing! And there might just be a small treat in store for the children this evening for having been SO very good at going to bed on time…

Have a wonderful evening everybody – we certainly will!

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