Year 3 @ Blustery Bignor!

Posted: 21st September 2018

Year Three ventured back 2000 years to the Roman era at Bignor Villa this week.  The children quickly got into character when they put on their different tunics.  There were indoor and outdoor slaves, the owner of the villa, Jasperus and his son, of course the ladies of the house.  The children explored the different parts of the villa, which used to house over 700 people.  There was lots of admiration for the long corridor and the different mosaics.  The comic strip showing some gladiators fighting grabbed their attention.  Medusa’s head guarding the bathhouse’s changing room had the children’s imaginations going.  Year Three had to work hard at grinding the wheat grain using a hand powered quern stone to produce only a tablespoon of floor.  They also found writing more challenging when using the wax tablet and stylus.

Altogether Year Three had a fabulous time at Bignor Villa despite it being a little blustery.

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