Lyndhurst welcomes Author Kerry Gibb

Posted: 8th November 2018

Kerry Gibb, a local author of It’s A Kid’s Live series, spoke to Year 1 – Year 6 children today. She introduced them to the main character of the series, Ben Collins.  He is the eldest in his family and should know better than his siblings but somehow he always gets into trouble.  However, he is a happy child, despite the hardships of being a kid.  The series is loosely based on Kerry’s family.

Kerry explained that she writes her books late at night when none of her four children can disturb her.  She discussed how a lot of her thoughts come through her dreams. She also has a draft book which she pops her ideas into when they come to her mind.  Her favourite author as a child was Enid Blyton.

It was a delight to see the Lyndhurst children mesmerised when Kerry read two chapters from her book. Surely, they will be ecstatic to have her books signed when she visits us again next week!

Kerry Gibbs commented “The children did the school proud.’ We hope that many of them will enter the Surrey Advertiser writing competition (!