Year 6 AtennnnnnnTION!

Posted: 17th January 2019

Year 6 @ Cadet Training Centre

This week,  Year 6 had the fantastic opportunity to journey to the Cadet Training Centre in Frimley. Everyone was so excited because we took the No. 1 bus, aka the Big Gold Bus.

When we got there we were amazed by the beautiful building in front of us – the Cadet Training Centre. Venturing in, a lady named Captain Emma talked to us about the history of the CTC and we learnt that it acted as a maternity ward during the war. After that, we were guided to an  indoor rifle range where we donned ear defenders to protect our ears from the rifle’s noise. We all had multiple turns firing at 25 metres and it was pretty tricky! Jeyaan ‘The Sniper’ was an excellent shot, but he was topped for first position by the sharpshooter of the class – Rosa.

Much to the delight of the children – it was cake time. They were served (in a very, very posh room) a large piece of chocolate cake and a big brownie. This was consumed with much gusto.

After eating, we headed out to the obstacle course to take part in some challenges. This consisted jumping from a height, climbing over obstacles and crawling through a camouflage net. Kieran lead his team to victory, although Isaac ‘Navy’ wasn’t far behind.

Year 6 were then gifted a Cadet’s coin with the motto – Refresh the Spirit.

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