The ABC Nativity – Little Lyndhurst perform

Posted: 29th November 2019

“When you learn about Christmas, you start with the Nativity”, the ABC Nativity. The Early Years children should be so proud of themselves for what they have achieved this week. Two fantastic performances of their Nativity play happened in one day! We had the usual Nativity characters although the donkeys seemed to get waylaid on their way to Bethlehem but fortunately, Mary and Joseph still managed to get there in time for the birth of the Baby Jesus. The singing was enthusiastic and lovely and the children learnt all of the actions to the songs probably better than the adults did! It was amazing the way our three, four and five year olds stood on the stage and spoke with such confidence, clarity and volume with stage lights in their eyes and a sea of adults in front of them! They took us through the story of the Nativity beautifully and have really started the Christmas season off in an amazing way. A big thank you to our Year 3 narrators who helped to tell the story so well and organised themselves and the younger children with such aplomb it was very impressive. Also a huge thank you to the parents for their support with learning lines and with the costumes. The biggest thank you has to go to our children for doing such an incredible job! Well done children!