Autumn arriving at Lyndhurst

Posted: 16th October 2020

Autumn at Lyndhurst

Autumn has officially arrived, bringing with it some showers, bluster and thick woolly jumper worthy weather! Here at Lyndhurst we embrace this change in season and with it the changes to our surroundings and some beautiful colours around the school grounds.


Year 4 have composed poems to describe Autumn. 


Autumn is by Year 4 

Colourful bright leaves swish on the tall majestic trees as Autumn creeps in. 

Crunch, crunch under foot as children run about the open 

The bright summer sun fades away, 

Whilst dark gloomy clouds take over the sky. 

Mild weather changes as the chilly breezes sweep across the country. 

Winter clothes are taken out as the coldest season comes. 

Wellies are worn to gleefully splash in the muddy puddles. 

Darkness arrives earlier in the day, some may feel sad about this, 

As the sun disappears from their lives until Spring reaches them again. 

Fires are lit to remove the cold and bring warmth into homes. 

Luckily marshmallows are toasted, and hot chocolates are enjoyed. 

Autumn is a great time to snuggle down in pyjamas with your family. 



The leaves turn from green to orange. 

There are colourful colours everywhere – not one tree looks the same. 

Cheeky cheating pumpkins sit proud over the happy holidays 

You cuddle up with your family and watch a movie while the beaming hot fire is keeping everyone’s warm. 

By Liv 



Under loved 




Nestle down. 

By Harriet 


Amazing trees lose their bright green leaves. 

Useless green leaves fall. 

There are beautiful colour leaves appearing on the branches. 

Umbrellas are needed in the wet autumn days. 

Mummy and Daddy make yummy hot chocolates, they are the best. 

Nothing can stop Autumn coming. 

By Jasmine 

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