Little Lyndhurst – Puzzle Workshops

Posted: 1st March 2023

We were delighted to welcome back The Problem Solving Company for their fun and engaging puzzle workshops.  For the first time the whole school were able to experience the delights of collaborative puzzle solving from Pre-Reception to Year 6.

Pre-Reception and Nursery enjoyed working together to solve different puzzles. Their first challenge was to match up different colours in a daisy shape, they all worked in a team together to spin the colours round to match.  The next puzzle was to fill a triangle using other shapes, once they manage to conquer this, they were given a smaller triangle to see if they can incorporate this in.  The last puzzle the children were challenged with, was where they were given four T-shapes to make a square, and then they had to add two square shapes to their puzzle to make it into a rectangle.  All the children loved having these hands-on puzzles!