News & Events

Yr1 & Yr2 Nativity

8th December 2023

The amazing efforts of our Year 1 and 2 students (and teachers!) paid off as they delivered a fantastic performance this week, they were all amazing! Well done to everyone involved “Wow! What a wonderful show full of happy, excited and confident children. They are comfortable on the stage but even more importantly supportive of…

Recycling Bin Naming

5th December 2023

We recently ran a competition to give a name to our recycling bin monster, our chosen winners decided the bin monster was aptly named ‘Benjabin’ – he is ready and raring to gobble down paper, cardboard and other recyclables!  

Pre-Reception & Receptions Trip to the Library

5th December 2023

Pre-Reception and Reception enjoyed a trip to Camberley library. We walked into town and were on the lookout for Christmas decorations, they especially liked the giant Christmas bauble! At the library the children had a look at some books independently and then Miss Goswell read us the story of the Ugly Duckling. They had a…

Boogie Pumps Theatre Camp – Jan 2nd – 5th

24th November 2023

Please remember to book your space! We start the day with our welcome talk & ice breaker games – this is a great way for the children to ease into the day and get to know each other. Once we have made some new friends we move onto livening up our bodies with dance, after…

Anti-Bullying Week

14th November 2023

To kick off Anti-Bullying week, Monday was Odd Sock Day. The students (and staff!) had great fun wearing odd socks. Why odd socks? This is to symbolise that we are all different and that children should be themselves, accepting of one another and celebrate difference.

Primary Maths Challenge

13th November 2023

Years 5 and 6 took part in the Primary Maths Challenge this week. The test paper contains 25 questions that must be completed with a 45min timeframe. The children showed a great deal of enthusiasm for the challenge and performed very well.

Rememberance Day

9th November 2023

The whole school came together joined by our students families and residents of Corrina Lodge Care Home to remember those who have given their lives in service and those who continue to serve.  

S’mores for Year 1 and 2

20th October 2023

Year 1 and 2 loved their end of term Outdoor Learning lesson by making s’mores on the fire.  The children loved decorating the biscuits with a chocolatey sauce and sprinkles.  They toasted their marshmallows on the crackling fire and loved watching the marshmallows squish together between the biscuits.  They all said they wished they could…

Reception trip to Octogon Sweets

20th October 2023

Reception have been learning all about money.  They put their knowledge of money into place when they took a trip to Octagon Sweets in Camberley.  The children had great fun choosing from the array of pick and mix sweets in the shop and then they used their knowledge of money to pay for their sweets. …

Smashing Pumpkins in Reception

19th October 2023

In science, the Reception class made predictions as to what would happen when Miss Goswell dropped a pumpkin from up high.  A lot of the children thought it would be very messy.   Miss Goswell had to drop it two times to get it to break, but the pumpkin did in fact make a big mess….