Year 3 & 4 @ Wisley

Posted: 13th June 2018

Year 3 & 4 have had a fantastic sunny day at Wisley Gardens. They explored trees in the Tree-mendous workshop. They learnt that one cactus is called Old Man Cactus because of it’s grey beard.  A new fact of the day was that Giant sequoia trees are largest trees in the world and they make cones, like pine trees.   The children enjoyed making bark rubbings, amongst the spiders and insects.  They found the age of trees by measuring its girth and dividing it by 2.5. By bending and looking through their legs and only seeing the top of the tree the children were able to find the height of a tree. Lyndhurst had a few cheeky ducks entertaining them whilst munching their sandwiches. After lunch exploring the glasshouse, orchards, bonsai trees and rockery kept the children absorbed.  They loved building a double level den. A super day out in nature was had by all.