The Results of the 2019 Lyndhurst School House Art Competition were announced in assembly on Monday. Mr Rudkin had a very difficult job judging all the entries, there was some wonderful art entered from every class from Reception to Year 6.

But the winners were…In York Town, Krit with his ‘walking in the rain’ picture, Nitya’s ‘sunset over the sea’ and Eva’s picture ‘our land in your hands’. Cambridge’s winners were; Cadence with her picture ‘watching or being watched’, Cameron’s painting ‘Grandpa’s lemon tree’ and Jeyaan’s picture ‘Rio de Janeiro’. Tekels had success from Amelia with her picture ‘beach house’, Madeline’s painting ‘Kakadu National Park, Australia’ and Rosa’s drawing of ‘Hope Cove, Devon’. The winners in Knightsbridge were Isadora with her ‘sparkly park picture’, Alice’s painting of ‘a church’ and Molly’s picture ‘London sunset’.

The overall prize this year went to Rosa and the trophy to Tekels House. Well done to everyone who took part!