Multicultural Week in Kindergarten

Posted: 14th March 2019

Awongolema tortoises

Our multicultural week kicked off on Friday with a multicultural ‘dress up’ day. Children came in wearing clothes from their own countries, their parents or their grandparents countries. Some of the children brought in objects from that country – a dollar bill from America, a purse from Nigeria and a pineapple to show what a child had eaten in Thailand. It was fascinating and brilliant to hear the children talk proudly about their clothes and what they had brought in to show us. We made passports in preparation for our ‘travels’ this week. We have visited Africa and Spain so far and the children have flags in their passports to show where they have been. They have heard the story of the Awongolema tree from Africa which told them how a tortoise saved the day for the African animals. They have enjoyed learning some flamenco dancing and making an abanico (hand fan) and dancing with this. We can’t wait until we have finished the rest of our travels this week.

We are hoping to speak to some Japanese children in Tokyo on Friday to learn some simple Japanese.