Peer Learning in Upper School

Posted: 15th March 2019

How can I help?

This week Year 4 had a pleasure of being taught by Year 6 children.

Year 6 had worked together to prepare a differentiated task, a challenge activity and even Homework!

They taught Year 4 children all about Past Perfect tense and showed them how to use it in real life context.

The English lesson was a huge success and both Year groups expressed a wish of learning together more often.

As they were allowed to give each other Head Master Pluses and Merits, they did it very sensibly and rewarded only those children who tried their hardest.

Here are some benefits from Lyndhurst Peer Learning:

  • developing leadership skills
  • increased confidence
  • gaining personal insight in self reflection and discovery
  • developing skills in organising and planning
  • developing social skills
  • evaluating their own learning
  • learning how to be sensitive to their peers’ feelings

What subject shall they teach next?