A Fantastic Day for Year 4 @ RHS Wisley

Posted: 7th June 2019

'@ Wisley

When we arrived, our teachers took us to the play area which unfortunately was closed so we went to a maze made out of stacks of hay. There was a sheep and a rabbit made out of twigs so we took some photos with them.

After that, we were running around the rock garden, looking at different plants and taking more group photos.

Before lunch, we looked at some old bonsai trees. Harry said that the oldest one was 120!

During our lunch, we were surrounded by ducks and Ben was so scared of them that he kept on lifting his legs and squatting on the bench! We didn’t give them any bread so they walked away after a while.

At 12:30 we attended a greenhouse workshop with Kyle. We shared many facts with him to show off our knowledge about plants. He was impressed.

We were planting seeds of French Bean to take home and then we went for a walk around the gardens to find out how many buds, flowers, fruit and seeds were around. We found out that there were more flowers rather than fruit this time of year.

We saw Baby Sequoia – giant redwood, the biggest living thing, which is 100 years old but the oldest one in the world is estimated to be 3,500 years old!

In the second part of the workshop, we learnt about different ways of seeds dispersal:
– by animal (we learnt that there is an animal that eats coffee beans and they get pooped out and they are very expensive)
– by wind (dandelion)
– by water (sea bean near the coast in Africa)
– by explosion (touch-me-not which is eaten by caterpillars)
After bush fire (banksia plant, fynbos plants)

Even though, it was our second trip to Wisley Gardens, we still loved it and it was an amazing day!

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