Little Lyndhurst’s Adventure to Wonderwood

Posted: 10th March 2020


Today the Kindergarten and Pre-Reception children went on their visit to the Rural Life Centre in Farnham to have our Forest School experience – Wonderwood. It was our very first trip on a coach this year and we were very excited. When we got to the rural life centre we met Ellie who took us to the fire circle. She explained to us how to be safe in Forest school and what the rules of Forest school were. We had a tour of all of the activities that we could do and we listened very carefully. Some of us hid under the tree so that no one could see us. We then got busy with enjoying Forest school. We played in the mud kitchen and with the farm in the messy tray. We really liked the slack lines and by the end of our session we could use them without any help at all! We made magic wands and clay heads and painted pictures on paper fixed to the trees. Then it was time to wash our hands and go back to the fire circle so that Ellie could light the fire for toasting our crumpets. We were really careful around the fire and, once we had eaten, we played a little bit more, had a swing in the hammock and then finished with a game of wolves and sheep where we had to hide and the wolves had to find us. We had a fantastic time but we were super tired on the way back! We’ve got lots of ideas for things to do in our garden now! A huge thank you to Ellie from Wonderwood who led our activities and Mrs McBride for coming to help us!