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Posted: 9th October 2020

Kerry Gibb workshop

Workshops with Kerry Gibb 

 The children from years 3 to 6 met well-known author, Kerry Gibb, who visited Lyndhurst School today to speak to the children about being an author and to run a workshop for the older year groups. One of the very interesting ideas she shared with us was her opinion that “There is no child who doesn’t enjoy reading books. She thinks that ithe children don’t like reading, they just haven’t found a book they love yet. We all like different things, we just need to explore what we would find interesting for us.  

In the Years 5 and 6 workshop, Kerry showed the children how to twist facts with fiction and plan very good stories. She asked them to list some information about a school disco and mix them with the ideas or events from their imagination. The children will write their own Disco Stories next week in English Enrichment and we will choose 5 best pieces to share with her and the whole school. 

We found out today that Kerry is writing a new book from Kid’s Life Series and a completely different book for adults – definitely something to look forward to! 

Kerry also filmed a promotional video today and some children gave personal testimonials about reading her books in front of the camera. Once the promo video is complete, she will email it to the school so that we can see it for ourselves. 

She will come back to Lyndhurst School next week to sign some books and have a short chat with the children. 

Thank you from Kerry Gibb
Thank you to Lyndhurst School for helping me film a promotional video the children were amazing.
I was impressed with how wonderful it was to work with Lyndhurst children. Each and every one of them did the school proud. I couldn’t have been happier with how all the children from Year Three to Year Six did! 

To stay up-to-date with Kerry’s work, here are some links for her social media: 

We are looking forward to hearing more about her in the future! 


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