Poetry Recital – Final Live Streamed

Posted: 23rd October 2020


On Thursday, Lyndhurst’s poetry recital finalists faced a very daunting challenge – performing their poem in Mr. Rudkin’s office, in front of a jury, LIVE on Microsoft Teams!

Each and every child was FANTASTIC. I can honestly say I was utterly blown away by the poise and bravery shown by all of the children. The performances were spirited and the children were so eloquent and articulate in their delivery.

Doing the recital on Microsoft Teams allowed us to deliver feedback to the children not only from the jury but from excited parents at home. Thank you to all of the finalists’ parents for coming online and getting involved! Thank you too to the teachers who took part in building all of that tension when the judges were deliberating with the laptop microphone on mute!

All of the finalists were brilliant and choosing between them was extremely difficult. But a decision had to be made.

The overall winner was Sophie Viviers from year 6, who delivered a perfectly-paced and truly moving performance of Charles Causeley’s ‘Timothy Winters’. Highly commended in the overall competition were Beatrice Hellman and Isabelle Viviers.

The group results were as follows:

Reception and Year 1 winner: Isobel Robinson (reception), who was confident and clear in her recital of ‘I’m a Little Princess’

Year 2 and 3 winner: James Jacklin (year 2), who brilliantly performed Eletelephony, a real tongue twister!

Year 4,5 and 6 winner: Charlie Piper (year 4) and Liv Cheema (year 4) – the judges couldn’t decide between Charlie’s witty delivery of ‘Saw my Teacher on a Saturday’ and Liv’s strong and stirring ‘Ode to Fearless Women’.

Miss. Joyce