Art this week….. take a look

Posted: 26th November 2020

New art and design & technology projects are underway in the art department, with a variety of skills being learnt across the school.  In Year One the children have been using different materials to create a ‘Great Fire of London’ collage scene. Year 3 are designing and creating mosaics linked with their history topic, ‘The Romans’.  Did you know the small mosaic pieces are called tesserae?  Channel Four’s ‘Kirstie’s Handmade Christmas’ has inspired Year Two art lessons – the children are sewing their own Christmas Decorations – a true celebration of Christmas crafts.  Year Four are learning about Pointillism, a painting technique developed by the artist George Seurat. They are using small dots to create areas of colour that together form a pattern or picture.   Whilst Year Six are the new generation of pop artists.  They are using photos of celebrities to develop their artwork.

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