Reception to Year 2 Harvest Festival Workshop

Posted: 6th October 2022

Reception to Year 2 were very lucky to have been invited to St Michael’s Church to take part in a workshop about the upcoming Harvest Festival. When the children arrived, they were introduced to the topic through a game where they had to guess the fruit and vegetables.  Reverend Pippa Ford was impressed with their food knowledge and even the fact they had tried radishes!  Once they had an understanding of what a harvest is and to be thankful for the people and food in their lives, the children then took part in several activities. At a tree, the children showed who they were thankful for and made thank you cards to give their friends and family. To finish their time at St Michaels church, the children watched a funny puppet show, ‘Fast Food for Five Thousands’.  They learnt that this Christian story was when a miracle occurred, and Jesus fed thousands through a little boy sharing his fish and loaf.