Animal Encounters

Posted: 30th March 2023

We would like to thank AnnaFrench, from ZooLab Rainforest Explorers for a wonderful visit.  Anna led exciting workshops about the rainforest and animals which live there. The children found out so many interesting facts.   Did you know that half of the animals that live on Earth inhabit rainforests? Also 2/3 of world plants grow in rainforests! 
We met and had a chance to hold a Giant African Snail, whose name was Gary. Gary has more teeth than any animal in the world – 10 thousand! He/She are also both genders!  
Another close up encounter the pupils have experienced was with a Madagascar Hissing Cockroach, Philippe. He has two brains and can survive without his head for a month! He was scampering all over pupils’ hands!
The last one to hold was a Royal Python – Dolly. She smells with her tongue, has thermal vision, heat sensors  and no eye lids. Every snake has an unique pattern. Dolly was beautiful!

There were another two animals the pupils were introduced to.  The children were not able to hold the Chilean Rose Tarantula though because it was too fragile and delicate. It was pretty scary. Not only because it was a hairy spider (that turns pink when grown up!) but also because it was a female; those live around 30 years and eat male tarantulas who live only around 5 years.  The pupils also could not touch the Tree frog – Jenny. She can breathe with her skin and because our hands are too dry and too salty, they could damage Jenny’s skin. We found out that her white belly helps her camouflage with the clouds so she is not seen by the predators from below.  Crazy fact – she swallows using her eyeballs!

We hope Anna can visit us again and bring more of her unique pets.